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Geekslab provides state of the art training on Gesture Robotics with curriculum customized to requirent of the Industry.

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Course Content :

1. Introduction to Robots & Gesture Controlled Machines

2. Draw Block Diagram of a Robot

3. Sensors & Accelerometers

4. ADXL 335, Analog to Digital Conversion, OpAmps, LM324

5. Working of an ADXL 335

6. Connecting ADXL 335 to Skyfi Labs Development Board

7. Calibrating the Accelerometer Sensors

8. Working of a Microcontroller

9. Structure of a Microcontroller

10. Skyfi Labs Development Board Schematic

11. Motors and Motor Drivers

12. Working of a DC Motor

13. Making the Motors work with Skyfi Labs Development Board

14. Chassis of a Robot

15. Fabricating the Chassis of the Robot

16. Binary and Hexadecimal Number Systems

17. Port Reference using Hexadecimals

18. Masking

19. Gesture Based Robot Programming Logic

20. Writing the Code for a Gesture Based Robot

21. Instruction Set to Machine Language Conversion

22. Compilation of Embedded C Code into Hex

23. Flashing the Code onto the Robot

Each of the above module contains sub-modules, for complete course details contact us !

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